Merry Christmas...

I Just wanted to say Thank you again to all my wonderful clients who I consider like family to me! I have been touched by each and everyone of you in so many ways. This year has been one of many blessings, both good and bad, in these blessings I learn once again why I do this! To give you forever, to give you the moments we can never have back in life, but we can remember them in the pictures!

I hope you all have a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season and 2011!!

Warmly~ Sara

Just a few pictures from recent months!!

I have been thinking for a while about deleting my blog, I feel like I never update it, and when I do it is so short! But I love sharing my work, stories, my family with everyone! Life had just gotten out of control for me !! I am trying to put my girls first! It seems like when they get home I have been saying, "just a minute, I'm editing" and I cant do that! They are growing so fast!! Gabi has been saying "when are you going to be done doing pictures?" For a while a was thinking maybe I should stop, until they are older, but I CAN'T! I LOVE what I do, I love my client families, I love my job! All the more reason for my price increase, but honestly, no money in the world is going to make up for the time with them! So bare with me, if it may take longer for your pictures, or updates on here! I am editing in between, field trips, class parties, PTO, Popwarner, oh and yes I do have husband!
Some how I manage, dinner, laundry, cleaning, friends and family!

Thank you AGAIN and AGAIN for choosing me! I am so passionate about what I do, I never dreamed this big, so each and every session is special!


Its been a while!!!

since my last post!! I have been meaning to update and then life happens. Today I had a great visit with one of my best and oldest friends and her and I finally met in person our"pen Pail" from California!! All three of us are photographers and met on a photography web site, we have talked and emailed for years and met in person today!! We had a great time and took pictures of each others kids, but the best part was just hanging out and feeling like we do this every day!! just some fun pictures to share!

New Prices for Sept. 2010

New Pricing
As of September 1st, 2010
On location/ Studio sessions will be $200.00
This will include the cd with the copyright release and any traveling I may do as well as a $50.00 print credit.
My work continues at home after our session with proofing and editing. These are all things, you would have to pay extra for at other studios.

This was a difficult decision for me to make. I understand times are tough for all of us, Please know I would never have done this unless I felt it was necessary.

I hope to still be a part of your families and watch you grow in years to come!

This baby is just a joy!! This session was bitter sweet for me because she looks like Bella at 7 mo!! I just wanted to cry remembering her that way!! They grow so fast, its amazing!

All Boys!!!!!!!!!

This family was great, were open to my ideas, even after we broke there king size bed, they still kept on smiling!! {it did get fixed!} Yes we broke it! It crashed to the floor!! Funny to me now, but I felt soooo bad then!! They were even willing to go outside in the snow!! LOVE that

I am falling behind!

I am not good at updating this am I!!!! These little cuties were so cute, they are twins, yet so different!! I had fun with them! Mom and dad were great too! I felt so at ease, love when things go smoothly!

New Schedule 2010

After much thought, I have given my self a set schedule! I will no longer be working any Sundays!! I need to have time on weekends with my family and enjoy them! So my schedule will be ~


I will try and keep the times around 10am or 1pm, but off course am flexible around naps and work. I just wanted to have a guide line to go with.

Again, Thank you for all your support and understanding, I have the best client family ever!!


Back to work in 2010

Back from a well rested Holiday, good thing, because I have had 4 newborns this month!! What was going on around 10 months ago?? Here are just a couple, more to come! I can not forget this precious one year old!! Last January I got to meet her when she was just 7 days old, she is on my web site, see if you can find her!!

Happy Holidays...

To all of my wonderful clients, friends and family! Its because of you I was so busy this year! I never dreamed any of this 3 years ago! Thank you for letting me into your families, capturing today, so you have it for all tomorrows! I wish you all a blessed Holiday, and healthy, happy 2010!

Best friends....

A part of childhood! This little cutie is Gabi's first little "Best" girlfriend! Its so cute to watch them together! She has such a wonderful family and we all feel so blessed to have them in our lives!